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Fluval T Series Heater


Fluval T Series Heater

The Fluval T Series submersible heater combines electronic accuracy, reliable monitoring, and multiple safety features to easily maintain desired aquarium water temperatures for optimum fish health. The 360° indicator light ring displays heat mode clearly from any angle, while a convenient large grip dial allows users to adjust the water temperature with ease. An integrated shut-off feature automatically cuts power in the absence of water to prevent overheating, while a rubber tipped heater guard provides additional peace-of-mind protection.

Industry Leading Technology
• Advanced electronic sensor accurately maintains desired water temperature
• 24/7 monitoring regulates temperature and avoids large, unsafe fluctuations

Full wrap-around light ring indicates current heat mode clearly from any angle

• RED illumination indicates when heating function is engaged
• BLUE illumination indicates when heater function is in standby mode

In absence of water, power is automatically cut to prevent overheating.

Provides additional protection against accidental breakage.

Easily adjusts water temperature from 22-32 ̊C / 72-90 ̊F.

Fully submersible design with secure suction mount allows for placement anywhere in the aquarium, either vertically or horizontally.

The Fluval T series heater is ideal for all tropical and marine aquariums of any size. Alternative options available

Available as 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 watt.

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50w, 100w, 150w, 200w, 300w