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Fluval External Aquarium Canister Filter – FX Series


The Fluval FX Range is a high performance canister filter with many outstanding features designed to make aquarium fish-keeping easier and more convenient than ever. This super capacity yet compact canister filter processes and circulates high volume of water every hour and has an astounding media capacity that produces cleaner and healthier results. Filtering material can easily be placed in a removable stack of media baskets which is at the heart of Fluval’s multistage filtration. The baskets are precision-engineered to eliminate water by-pass, making filtration more efficient. Media and hosing included.

Available sizes:

FX2- suitable for use in aquariums from 750 litres.

FX4- suitable for use in aquariums from 1000 litres.

FX6 - suitable for use in aquariums from 1500 litres.

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FX4, FX6, FX2