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Fluval E Heater


Fluval E Heater

Aquarium heater

Probably the most technologically advanced submersible aquarium heater of our days with VueTech technology. Its LCD display gives a soothing feeling thanks to its continuous real-time water temperature display.
During ongoing work, the temperature display changes colour if the water temperature should differ from the preset temperature. Should external heat sources or other facilities cause an excessive increase or drop in aquarium water temperature, the coloured screen starts flashing to indicate a potential risk.

VueTech technology

Thanks to the LCD temperature display, the current temperature of the aquarium water is displayed at any time. It changes colour when the temperature of the aquarium water differs by 1°C or 2°F from the preset temperature. If the temperature of the water rises or drops by 3°C or 5.5°F, the colourful indicator flashes and indicates a potential danger.

Fluval E Heater Microprocessor

precise temperature setting, heater mount with slim design and advanced safety
The microprocessor technology with double temperature sensors ensures accurate real-time measurement of the water temperature.
With the lever it can be precisely adjusted in 0.5° increments.
No need to remove the holder.
The animals cannot come into direct contact with the heater core thanks to the integrated fish guard and the glass cover is protected from impacts.


Fluval E Heater Available as 50, 100, 200 and 300 watt.

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50w, 100w, 200w, 300w