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Fish Feeder Pro



The Velda Fish Feeder Pro is a great automatic feeding device for garden ponds. It allows you to feed pellets or flake food with digital programming of the feed frequency and dosage. This feeder allows you to set it to feed for up to 20 times in a 24 hour period! The dosage and frequency can be programmed easily. With the feed times being able to be set from between 2 to 9 seconds of feeding. The time and number of feeds are saved even in the event of a power failure. This feeder has 4 wheels which add the food to your pond, 3 of these have been designed for grain and pellet food with a diameter of 3 to 12mm and the 4th wheel allows you to feed flake food. These can be changed to suit. The container holds 3 litres of food and the special design of the food container and feeding mechanism will prevent moisture from spoiling the food. You can fit this to your pond in 4 ways, the fixings for which are included: a wall fastener, floor fastener, fastening with a cord and fastening on a pile.