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Fish Feeder Basic



Velda have always been renowned for innovative products. The fish feeder basic (a name that does not do it justice!) is all that you need in a fish feeder and more. It has an ample storage jar holding up to 2.5 litres of food. A programmable digital timer that delivers food up to 8 times per day and an strong aluminium support rail that allows you to plant it next to the pool allowing the business end to suspend over the water. Why use a fish feeder? You can guarantee the fish are getting exactly the right amount of food. Many a pond keeper has returned to find that their good willed neighbour who was left in charge of feeding their prized fish, has over done it! Leaving a lot of filter and pool cleaning to be done! Simple programming The Fish Feeder Basic has been developed especially to supply fish with the quantities of feed they require up to 8 times per twenty-four hours; dosage and frequency can be programmed easily. Especially for lovers of koi sophisticated feeding for this kind of fish is important to obtain optimum growth and range of colouring. As all the feed will be eaten, the pond environment will not be overloaded and fish will remain healthy. For pelletized feed ranging from 3 to 6 mm This automatic feeder is supplied along with a worm that has been developed especially for grain feed and pelletized feed, having a diameter ranging from 3 to 6 mm. Owing to the ingenious design of this automatic feeder and its feeding mechanism the feed will remain dry and uninfected. Digital programming of feeding frequency and feed dosage Takes complete care of your fish feeding Ideal for feeding during holiday periods Takes care of optimum growth The container has a capacity of 2,5 litres.