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EHEIM Quick Vacpro Gravel Vac

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EHEIM Quick Vacpro - automatic gravel cleaner Vac

The battery powered gravel cleaner enables you to clean the gravel substrate in your aquarium with ease, independently of your regular of water changes. The suction power of the cleaner is designed to remove dirt particles without too much disturbance to the gravel. A mesh filter compartment collects the dirt whilst letting the water flow back into the aquarium. The filter compartment is simple to remove. This gravel vac is suitable for both freshwater and marine cleaning.

  • For intermediate cleaning of gravel substrate between water changes
  • Bottom gravel hardly disturbed
  • Water flows back into the aquarium
  • Batteries included

The EHEIM company group, with headquarters in Deizisau near Stuttgart, is a medium-sized family company with subsidiaries in aquatics and industrial interior design. Central to this is the aquatic group with sites in Europe and Asia. It is one of the leading, quality providers in the pet supplies market and is world-renowned for its quality, service and innovation.

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