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EcoFilter 2000 with SolarShower 300 Pump

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Allows you to provide filtration for a pond without the need for main electricity.

Whilst there is no UVC unit, the filter comes wtih plenty of foam and Bio media to provide a good level of Mechanical and Biological filtration.

This set comes with an included Solarshower 300 – Full pond filtration with no mains electricity required.

Working a very similar way to an All-in-One pond filter, the pump fits inside the box and the whole box is submerged.

NB: Not designed to keep Koi or heavy fish stock ponds clean


  • Contains – 1 x Plastic Box Filter
  • 6 x Foam Pieces
  • 2 x Fine Media Nets
  • 1x Solarshower 300 Pump, complete with fountain attachments
  • Dimensions – 30 x 21 x 16cm
  • Zeolite media and Gravels sold separately.


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