Danube Acrylic Aquarium Set




These great acrylic aquariums include LED lighting with remote control and filtration. The filtration consists of a powerhead that draws in water from the aquarium to pass through a series of filtration media; sponges, polypads etc, housed in the hood. Once the water has passed through the series it is returned through a spray bar at the top of the aquarium. Includes cabinet with no doors.

Each tank is available in black or white as well as various sizes. Custom sizes are also available, just get in touch!

The Danube’s acrylic viewing panels are built to the highest standards of aquarium manufacturing.

The cabinet is finished in high quality, high gloss acrylic for a durable yet stylish appearance. Each tank is fitted with a trickle filter in the lid except for the largest model in the range which is also available with a 2 chamber sump. For more information get in touch!

Tank Volumes:

47cm x 47cm x 148cm – 135 Litres

47cm x 47cm x 176cm – 165 Litres Tall

60cm x 60cm x 138.5cm – 240 Litres

80cm x 80cm x 182cm – 450 Litres

80cm x 80cm x 182cm – 475 Litres with sump

There are three delivery options for our larger aquariums and cabinets:

1. Collection from our store.


2. Curb side pallet delivery starting from £59.99.


3. Our own service with our team.

We can deliver anywhere! We’ve delivered to London, Newcastle, Bournemouth and many more places. The standard service is more than a curb side delivery as we’ll bring the tank into your house, put it in position and set up your pipework. We will also be happy to talk you through the various parts of your aquarium, how they work and answer any questions you may have. We are able to do a full installation too which includes filling up your tank with water etc however this would be an extra charge. All prices for this option are dependant on distance and the size of your tank. If you would like to find out how much getting your dream tank delivered by our expert team would be, get in touch and we can get you a price!

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