Coral Essentials Primary Care – Calcium + Trace

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Coral Essentials Calcium + Trace is a concentrated source of liquid calcium, 100,000 ppm (mg/L) and a unique blend of trace elements. They have added their Coral Power Trace A and B elements into this mix using thier proven Coral Essentials Method dosing regiment. When using Calcium + Trace there is no need to add trace elements as well.

Available Sizes:


2.75 Litres

10 Litres

You have two options for dosing:

You can follow Coral Essentials simple recipe detailed below for daily dosing without testing the Calcium usage. Or secondly, for optimum results the calcium levels in marine tanks need to be checked regularly to determine the take up in your system. Simply calculate dosing requirements to suit the depletion rate using their easy to use dosing instructions below. After you have determined this, a regular check of the calcium levels should be made. Your tank will change over time as coral grows, new pieces are added as well as invertebrates that also take up calcium. We have found ideal calcium levels to be at about 430-470ppm for most aquariums. Levels of 470+ ppm are desirable if you want to maintain high levels of growth in a SPS and hard coral dominant system.

Simplified dosage instructions:

Soft Coral / LPS System Mixed Reef System SPS Dominant System

Dosing by Usage:

– 3ml per 100L of tank volume per day. – 6ml per 100L of tank volume per day. – 12ml per 100L of tank volume per day.

1ml will raise the Calcium level by 1ppm for each 100ml of aquarium volume.

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