Catappa Leaves – Nano

Ref: JKMC176


Size: 12 Leaf Pack

Dennerle Nano Catappa Leaves – mature, dried leaves of the tropical almond tree – supply numerous natural active substances. Sucker catfish and shrimps appreciate the leaves as a valuable feed supplement.

  • Natural water care for aquaria and valuable nutritional supplementation for shrimp and snails
  • Contain numerous natural active ingredients, which have a positive impact on water and fish, including valuable humic and fulvic acids
  • Promote wellbeing, vitality and spawning
  • The recipe for success used by Asian breeders and exporters of aquarium fish
  • Mature, dried leaves from the catappa tree Terminalia catappa
  • For aquarium water similar to the natural tropical aquatic habitat
  • Natural decorative features, encourage natural behaviour
  • Valuable feed supplement for crabs and shrimps
  • Protect the shells and gills of shrimp and crayfish
  • Strengthen the body‘s own defences, reduce stress
  • Inhibit harmful germs, prevent spawn mould and fungal diseases in fish
  • Increase the breeding success of fish and shrimp
  • Have a slightly acidifying effect and stabilise the pH value
  • Ideal to start newly established aquaria (protects fish, nutritional supplement for catfish)
  • 100 % pure, natural product
  • Premium quality: harvested directly from the tree, cleaned, dried, hand sorted


No shrimp aquarium should be without them.

Dosage: use 1 leaf per 10 litres of aquarium water. After 1-2 days the leaves are saturated with water and drop to the bottom of the aquarium. After 2-3 weeks the active substances have been released and the leaves eaten away. The leaves should then be replaced. Pieces measuring approximately 8x5cm punched from natural leaves.

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