Pro Rep Bug Grub – Insect Food

Ref: PGVPS007


Size: 300g

ProRep Bug Grub is a complete dry diet, high in calcium and protein, designed for the breeding and maintenance of all live food insects. It is made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure maximum palatability.

Directions: Place Bug Grub in a shallow dish and place in the feeder insects enclosure, ensuring that the insects can get to it. Only feed enough Bug Grub each time to last 1 or 2 days. Provide fresh food regularly as mould will grow if Bug Grub gets wet. Bug Gel and/or small pieces of Carrot should always be provided as a source of moisture.

Contains wheat, wheatfeed, barley, sunflower extract, peas. IP hipro soya, field beans, calcium carbonate, salt, mono calcium phos and sodium bicarbonate. Is perfect for gut feeding insects but should not be allowed to get wet.

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