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Blagdon Pond Balance


Blagdon Pond Balance safely and gradually adjusts the water chemistry of your pond achieving a balance which effectively clears blanket weed whilst promoting plant growth. Blanket weed is a pond keepers nightmare, its unsightly green fibrous strands can soon choke your whole pond.

Pond Balance solves your blanket weed problems without the effort involved in manual removal or the inherent risk of killing your valuable plants and fish. For the effective removal of the dead algae use Blagdon Sludge Buster.

Suitable for use in all ponds and with all species of pond fish. It is harmless to filters, plants, newts, frogs, toads and other pond wildlife.

Available Sizes:

Standard – 3 doses treats 2273 Litres (500 Gallons)
Super Value - 3 doses treats 4546 Litres (1000 Gallons)

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