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Oase Biopress 6-10000 Foam Set

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Oase Biopress Foam Set

This is a set of replacement pressure filter foam for the Oase biopress 6000-10000.

For BioPress Sets 6000/8000 and 10000/12000. The heart of a filter is its filter sponges - especially this filter sponge set, which combines the blue and black sponges in a small space. Black filter sponges have the finest filtration density, while the blue ones are significantly coarser. This means that depending on the flow rate of the water, the smallest or only larger particles get caught in the sponges and are thus removed from the pond water. But they not only carry out classic filtration, they also provide plenty of living space for the smallest bacteria. This small biological colony in the filter sponges ensures that toxins that accumulate from waste in the pond are converted: In the blue sponges, toxic substances are converted into harmless but algae-stimulating substances (nitrification), which in turn are converted into naturally occurring gases in the black sponges (denitrification).

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