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BioMaster Thermo 600



The all new Oase Biomaster external aquarium filter range meet even the most rigorous requirements. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This Thermo Filter includes a 300 Watt HeatUp heater so no heater is required in your aquarium and heated water is returned to your aquarium. Features include: * An easy clean pre-filter module – you’ll have no more bothersome removal of the filter – the pre-filter module is simply taken out, rinsed out and re-inserted, * Vent Button: allows effective water intake for a fast and easy start up when installing and after cleaning. * Shut-off Automaton & Safety Locking Mechanism – to prevent undesired water escaping, e.g. when removing the pre-filter module. * Optimal Filtration: A fine 45ppi pre-filter foam for optimal mechanical filtration of the coarse debris and longer service life of the biological media. * Well Regulated: by a flow control on the filter or with adapter set. * Large Filter Volume: The combination of mechanical and highly effective biological filtration through Hel-X ensures healthy and clear aquarium water. This filter includes filter media, hoses, adapter, intake and outflow tube and water diffuser. Suitable for aquariums up to: 600 Litres Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 48cm Max Flow Rate: 1250 Litres per hour Max Head Height: 1.7 metres Filter Volume: 6.8 Litres Pre-Filter Volume: 0.5 Litres Heater Included: 300 Watt Connections for hose: 1 x 4m Connections diameter: 17mm Power Consumption: 22 Watts Power Cable Length: 1.5 metres Net Weight: 5.3kg Guarantee: 3 years + 1 year request guarantee