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Bioforce Revolution 9000 Pond Filter Kit


Bioforce Revolution 14000 Pond Filter Kit

This Hozelock filter and pump kit combines the efficient filtration of Bioforce revolution pond filters and power of hozelock aquaforce pond pumps to provide optimum filtration for a clean and healthy pond. This is a complete filtration system for any type of pond. Cleaning is simple and easy thanks to the automatic internal cleaning blades housed within the filter. The compact canister filter can be buried underground to help conceal it and due to it being a pressurised canister, it can be used to pump water upwards into fountains and water features.

his bioforce revolution kit is available in three sizes:

Bioforce 14000 filter and Aquaforce 8000 pump - Ponds Up to 28,000L (21,000 with fish)

Bioforce 9000 filter and Aquaforce 6000 pump - Ponds Up to 18,000L (13,000 with fish)

Bioforce 6000 Filter and Aquaforce 4000 pump - Ponds Up to 12,000L (6000 with fish)

All you need for clear water - the Hozelock Bioforce 14000 filter with UVC and the Aquaforce 8000 water pump. The new Hozelock Bioforce 3000 Kit is the combination of the Bioforce and the Aquaforce solids handling pumps, designed specifically for filtration, waterfalls or watercourses. Due to the UVC capability, in the correct size pond, Hozelock Cyprio guarantee Clearwater. •Max. pond size 28000lts •Bioforce 14000 •Aquaforce 8000