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Bio-Qube 300 Gravity Fed

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The Bio-Qube 300 is the second smallest in the range but is also capable of bio-mechanical filtration. Its primary use being a biological water polisher, but the unit can also be used as a standalone bio-mechanical filter. In Fact the Bio-Qube 300 used as a biological water polisher will give the same results that you can expect from a sand filter. The main difference being Bio-Qubes are biological and use very low wattage pumps compared to the power hungry pumps needed to run sand filters. Another important factor is the Bio-Qube range are not as pressurised as sand filters and can be pump or gravity fed. These units are extremely versatile and can be bolted onto any existing filter unit with ease, in fact being a sealed unit the pump fed version can be fitted below or level with the pond. They are also ideal for providing skimmers with bio-mechanical filtration. Many filters claim to give excellent water clarity seldom do any of them achieve this. Tests have proved that the Bio-Qube range can and does deliver excellent water clarity. For further information please contact us on 0121 744 1300. If you would like to arrange to have the unit fitted by our installation team please contact us.