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Bearded Dragon Juvenile

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Best to be kept in a 36x18x18 wooden vivarium which will hold the heat.

can live for 10 - 15 years and can grow up to 2 feet!

These solitary lizards are happy with a mixture of substrates such as beardie life, sand, corn cob and even beech chips. This is best to try and replicate their natural environment as much as possible.

They require a hot spot of 28-31 degrees Celsius which can be dropped in the night. a basking spot lamp that is light emmiting or even a ceramic bulb is best used to avoid messing with sleep patterns.

a 10% desert UVB is preferred and the wattage is dependant on the size of the vivarium.

fed on calci dusted insects a few times a week and worms being given once a week as a treat. Fresh water can be left in with the beardie but they may not drink directly from it, in order to hydrate a beardie it is best to do this with regular weekly baths.

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