Bacterkit Soil 06



6 vials

Bacter Kit Soil is a kit to seed aquarium soil.

BacterKit Soil combines 2 different products for freshwater aquariums:

  • Bacter Soil: strains of live bacteria specifically aimed at colonizing a freshwater aquarium soil.
  • Soil nutrients: Nutrients necessary for the proper development of bacteria in the soil

Natural, living bacteria of BacterKit soil will help with optimal biological filtration in the soil. It can be combined with Start Up to help with the biological filtration in your aquarium.

1 box of BacterKit Soil is suitable for a bag of AquaGrowth Soil or AquaShrimp Powder. All the box has to be used to treat an aquarium from 0 to 60 litres (15gal). Can be used with other soil.



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