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Oase Aquaskim 20


Oase Aquaskim 20

Powerful suction cleaning of pond surfaces up to 40 m² The result is clearly improved clarity, water quality and viewing depth through direct removal of debris and pollutants on the surface. It has a base with large-surface receptacle for rocks as ballast. The AquaSkim 20 This skimmer must be used with a pump that has a secondary inlet. Now also allows use of the AquaMax Eco Premium models 4000 – 8000. Easy maintenance with easily accessible coarse debris basket that can also be taken out from a distance via grip hooks. Simply remove basket using the easy grip, empty out and replace for continued skimming - Dimensions (Ø x H) (mm) 350 x 800 - Net weight 1.6kg - Height adaptation (mm) 320-550/550-800 - Tube diameter (mm) 80 - Filter volume 1,2 - Pos. water level difference 100 mm - Pump capacity min. (l / h) 4000 - Pump capacity max. (l / h) 8000 - Connections, outlet 1", 1 ¼", 1 ½"

Will collect leaves, waste, foam and excess nutrients from the water's surface.


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