Andaman 680 Wide (No Light) Tank & Cab White

Ref: AWKFHW1800W


The Andaman 680 is a stylish 680 litre system suitable as a tropical, marine or even coldwater set up. Built to the highest standards of aquarium manufacturing the Andaman 680 comes complete with the aquarium, lighting, cabinet, sump and pipe work.

The aquarium…
The 15 mm thick glass is machine cut and bevelled for a clean finish. The front and side viewing panels are made using low Iron or “opti-white” glass for a much clearer view of your animals. Both the drain and return pipe work are hidden behind black acrylic weirs which sit in either of the back corners. Aquarium volume is 515 Litres.

The Cabinet…
The entire Andaman 680 tank and cabinet is finished in high quality, high gloss acrylic. The solid wooden frame ensures strength and support are easily catered for, whilst allowing considerable access for maintenance. The metal framed drop down doors have a layer of high gloss acrylic on the front which makes them extremely durable and resistant to water damage unlike MDF cabinets. The doors are fitted with soft close hinges and “push to open” fixtures. Each cabinet comes preassembled.

The sump….
The Andaman 680 is fitted with a multi-chamber glass sump in the cabinet. For those not familiar with sumps, water gets delivered to the sump from the overflow in the aquarium. By putting media, filtration elements or heaters into the sump it becomes a one stop shop for water treatment. A circulation pump (supplied separately) then delivers water back to the display aquarium once it has been treated. This keeps your aquarium clear of equipment and allows easy access for all of the filtration beneath. The sump has a series of glass baffles that ensure the water travels through the sump evenly and effectively. This ensures that any media you put into the sump is used to its fullest potential.

Technical Specifications:
680 Litres.
Tank Size – 180cm x 60cm x 60cm.
Cabinet Size – 180cm x 60cm x 85cm.
Cabinet – 3 Doors.
Lighting- None.
Computer Function: Lights on/off (L1) Lights Timed (L2), Thermometer (T1) Heating (T2) – No.
Sump Size – 115cm x 45cm x 45.5cm.
Sump Chambers – 4.
Sump Volume – 165 Litres.
Filter Media – Filter Socks.
Pipework Included? – yes.
Extras Included? Pumps etc? – No
Additional Info- Auto Top Up.
Marine, Tropical and Coldwater? – Yes

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