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Reptile Livestock

Here at Shirley Aquatics Reptiles, we stock an excellent range of family favourite reptiles and amphibians, but we also enjoy the more peculiar, less seen species too!

Please see our Knowledge Base and Animal Care Sheets to help you find the animal that’s right for you.


We love our different species of lizards!

From Anoles to Yemen Chameleons, Geckos to Beardies, we will have the perfect animal for you.

If you would like to enquire about what species we currently have in store, please get in touch!


We stock a large range of snakes too!

Family favourites like Corn Snakes and Royal Pythons to the more unusual Sunbeam Snakes and Flowered Racers.


These little armoured reptiles are some of the most charming animals in the world!

From fully aquatic turtles to desert dwelling tortoises, we will have a shelled friend for you.


Frogs and Toads, Salamanders and Axolotls.

Whether you want an aquatic, terrestrial or arboreal species, we should be able to help.


The ever-underestimated invertebrate.

These creepy crawlers are some of the most underrated pets available today.

Low maintenance and easy to keep, if you like lots of legs (or none at all) these are the guys for you!